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The Metamorphosis 🦋 Vortex

The Metamorphosis 🦋 Vortex

Are you ready to step into your power and emerge into your next evolution?

When you purchase this plan you get access to: 

★ Access to Both the Cacao Circle and Maximize Program

★  2 Group Coaching Calls per Month Following our Sacred Ceremonies 

★  2 Sacred Moon Workshops per Month with Quantum Healing Ho'onopono Cacao Ceremonies (per month)

★  Journal Prompts for the Month to help you reconnect with yourself and increase intuition. 

★  Monthly Guided Meditations and Activations

★  Divine Discussion with Group Members

What are the Benefits? 

⊚ Strengthen Your Self Worth

⊚Let Go and Release Trauma in the Body

⊚Get Head and Heart-Centered

⊚ Reconnect with Yourself

⊚ Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

⊚ Learn How to Manifest the Life You Want

⊚ Monthly Oracle and Tarot Readings

⊚ Ways To Build up Your Confidence and Limiting Beliefs

⊚ How to Maintain a Healthy Temple

⊚ Quantum Abundance Activations

⊚ Transform Your Mindset

⊚ Radically Shift Your Life

⊚ Start Living the Life You Came Here To Live


7 Modules

Journal Prompts/Templates/Success Tips

Modules for this course 7

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